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:Our Policies

:Our Policies

1-  Providing information that helps the researchers in decision-making, not we who make the decision.

2-  Referring to the official sources is the priority in our information sources, but in case of that the sources are inaccessible, we resort to other sources of information with the highest degree of reliability.

3-  The Center is annually updating the information through its representatives in most countries of the world.

4-  The information in the Center is not subjected to a subjective classification of any kind.

5-  The Center is specialized in serving only the Holy Qur'an.

6-   The Center seeks to update its information by participating in all conferences, forums and symposiums related to the Holy Qur'an.

7-  Utilizing all efforts to bring collaborators, volunteers and professionals, to contribute in collecting and documenting the information of the Holy Qur'an all over the world.

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