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About Holy Quran Information Center:-

About Holy Quran Information Center:-

 The Holy Quran Information Center is a scientific encyclopedia specialized in servicing the Holy Quran, and monitoring efforts that were presented to serve the Holy Quran all over the world. It has a specialized Website offers a wealth of information and provides the benefit for research centers and interested parties around the world.

It is one of the branches of Sahemalnour organization: which is working to provide copies of the holy Quran and submit them to the needy all over the world and according to specifications and needed requests.

One of the most important objectives of the center is estimating the need requests of the Quran copies countries and specialized associations all over the world, as well as to be a link for those who need any information concerning the holy Quran such as: need requests, distribution projects, printing presses, publishing and distribution houses, associations, scientific centers specialized in Qur'an, and scientific materials.

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