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At Holy Quran Information Center, we are committed to devoting great effort, utilizing technology, and employing qualified personnel to pursure the goals of our work.We work with the determination of those who are sure of success and are aware of the beneficial nature of this project, the universality of its message, and the great responsibility implied. The project is unique in its concept, development, and results. We aim to enable everyone in the world, regardless of language or belief, to have a copy of the Noble Quran or a translation of its content.This will be done in a way that suits them all, fulfills their needs, and attains the utmost benefit possible. As a consequence, good shall prevail and light shall take root in the hearts of those who seek to make good use of the Noble Quran.

The total number of all Needs:

Following statistics show countries need for Holy Quran, according to the recorder need applications in Holy Quran Information Center:

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